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      LisboaBiz - Exceptional Business Center

1 month ago by Vasco Ferreira

Good facilities, good price, good location. offers you a wide range of basic services, with everything you need to make your office work on a single invoice.
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      Pride Burlesque - Compulsory consumption - Almost empty spot

3 months ago by Anonymous

6 guys from 40 to 60 was the "crowd". There's no sign explaining the compulsory consumption and once we were inside and asked for drinks the barista informed us of a incredible obligation of consumption
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      Lacolada Portugal - GRANDE ENGODO

9 months ago by Anonymous

Dizem fazer tudo - mas depois além da demora nas obras inventam uma serie de coisas,,, Então o arquito que ele trem é uma piada deveria ser corrido da oredem nem sei se ele é arquiteto ,,, é um vigaro...
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      ISA Lavandaria - Servilo de entregas

1 year ago by Anonymous

Conduzem de forma muito perigosa a carrinha de recolha e entregas ao domicílio, não mostrando respeito pelos peões.
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      Eventing - Bar, Workshops & Catering - Last minute cancellation

1 year ago by PJ Burks

Despite the initial professionalism of the staff, due to a space constraint of the bar - they cancelled on our event less than 24 hours before it was due to start. Obviously we were (and are) frustrated and would recommend you look elsewhe...
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