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6 guys from 40 to 60 was the "crowd". There's no sign explaining the compulsory consumption and once we were inside and asked for drinks the barista informed us of a incredible obligation of consumption... read more

Lisbon #3,636 rating: 1/5

nice staff but the individual pizza is kids size - rip off - you expect consistency with PH not rip off

Lagos #3,628 rating: 3/5

The beste place very friendly, Best music,drinks wine beer cocktails vegeterian, Italian, indian, an American food .

São Félix da Marinha #3,587 rating: 5/5

We are currently staying in this villa. For the second time this week, the water supply has failed. There is no water at all and we cannot shower or even flush the toilets. We are waiting for a tanker to deliver water to... read more

Loulé #3,572 rating: 1/5

A place were you can eat, drink, dance,relax,and feel like you are home !! Specialitys... Italian food, indian curry, vegetarian dishes, salads, grilled chicken and the very best hand made Hamburger .

São Félix da Marinha #3,568 rating: 5/5

I discover this nice family restaurant in June 2017 with my wife. We enjoy the ambiance, the good food and the service. The owner is very friendly and is always attending clients with a smile. If you to lagos Portubal y... read more

Lagos #3,554 rating: 5/5

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Porto #3,532 rating: 5/5

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